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Client Testimonial:

"The process was flawless! I gave Tatiana an idea of what I was looking for and she took care of the rest, (including content)! Updates are taken care of quickly and any questions or problems are addressed immediately. Having a professional Website has directly impacted the success of my business, and dollar for dollar has proved to be one of the most important marketing tools we utilize."
Dr. LaNae Baker, Kent Island Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

Site Information:

  • Website Address: www.KIChiropractic.org;
  • 2nd Design Update: May, 2014;
  • 1st Design Update: August, 2011;
  • Original Design Completed: February 1, 2009;
  • Created With: HTML, CSS, and PHP.

This website was designed for a local chiropractor's office. My goal with this site was for the design of the site to mimic the feel of the new office and the professionals who work in that office. To that effect, the color scheme was based on the logo colors, which were two shades of teal and a dark grey.

This website design was updated in August, 2011. The following changes were made:

  • Changed the main background color to a yellow more complementary to the blue used in the logo;
  • Added a border between box and background, the color of which is between the yellow used in the background and the blue used in the logo;
  • Increased paragraph margins to facilitate reading of text;
  • Used the yellow background color for the hover of links in the menu;
  • Added the footer with contact information and menu.
Kent Island Chiropractic website snapshot

The design was updated a second time in May, 2014. The following changes were made:

  • Changed the main background color to teal;
  • Changed menu and footer background to the dark grey;
  • Changed menu link colors to teals.

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